30 Inch Induction Cooktop from Various Brands

Popular and top-rated 30-inch induction cooktops:

GE Profile PHP900DMBB 30 Inch Black Electric Cooktop - 11-inch induction element, 3700 watts on high setting, electronic touch controls, pan presence sensor and ADA compliant. Nineteen power levels available, choose the temperature level that is perfect for your meal. Prepare your perfect meal using the right temperature. Easy to use and clean.
Electrolux EW30CC55GB Cooktop, 30-Inch Hybrid - Combination of electric elements that are compatible with any cookware and newer induction technology for fast and efficient cooking. With ceramic smoothtop glass surface, hot surface indicator lights, sealed spill control, and electronic touch controls. Weighs 54 pounds. Can be used over Electrolux single wall oven.
Miele KM5753 Induction Cooktop, 30-Inch Touch Control - This unit features basic as well as advanced features in any modern induction-based cooktop. Safety features include child safety lock, cut-out feature, overheating protection and residual heat indicator. Nine power levels with digital display. Timer settings freely assignable for all cooking zones.
LG LCE30845 Induction Cooktop, 30-Inch - With 4 cooking elements with bridge element to heat longer pans and griddles evently, SmoothTouch controls, premium stainless steel trim. Boils a cup of water faster than a microwave. So fast that it likely changes the way you cook. Elegant ceramic glass. Combination of style and convenience.
Bosch NIT3065UC 300 30-Inch Electric Induction Cooktop (Black) - Four induction cooking zones with powerful 3600-watt element. SpeedBost technology to boil water twice as fast as conventional electric cooking. Count down timer that can be used as general purpose kitchen timer. Overflow detection technology. Heat settings from 0 to 9. Ceramic-glass cooking surface.
Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop (30 Inches) with SteelTouch Control and Autochef - Fast-heat mode boils water twice as fast as conventional electric cooktop and save energy at once. Built in timer for each element. Functions as general-purpose kitchen timer. Maintains exact frying temperature. Prevents the cooktop from being accidentally switched on or changed while cleaning spill overs.

A lot of independent youngsters live in what can be referred to as micro apartments. Gas ovens consume too much space and electric heaters are, well to messy. Induction cooking is perfect for their small apartments and their personality. The 30 inch induction cooktops are perfect for those who might have a space crunch.

There is so much of hype about induction cooking these days. What is it about exactly? Is all the hype actually worth it? Well it is for nothing that the induction cooktops are becoming popular amongst home owners.

The speed and precision with which induction cooktops heats up and cook your food will most certainly amaze you. The temperature adjustments offered by the modern cooktops happen to be very fine and also precise. The induction cooktops also happen to be much easier to clean due the material used to create it, which is usually ceramic glass. Installing induction cooktop in your kitchen is easy as they can fit anywhere.

Numerous sizes are available. Some are even portable and can be brought anywhere you want.

They are also more convenient than gas ovens and electric heaters. One also reduces the element of danger considerably. Those gas oven flames can terrify most people and even people using electric heaters can burn themselves quite often. 30 inch induction cooktops take care of this too.

With 30″ cooktops one will get a minimum of three and a maximum of four burners unlike induction cooktops with larger sizes. That happens to be enough for your daily cooking and heating requirements and also for the occasional party you have.

They suit one’s aesthetics and are also lighter on one’s pockets. The 30 inch induction cooktops offer about 83% energy efficient which is really good. The other advantage is that they require less wattage than larger induction cooktops. They are really a major plus point when the user lives in hostels or at a micro apartments.