36 Inch Induction Cooktop: Brands and Models

Hand-picked top-rated 36-inch induction cooktops from different brands:

GE Profile PHP960DMBB 36 Inch Black Electric Cooktop - If you're looking for 36-inch version of GE induction, then this is it. Comes in black, it has all the features available in 30-inch model. Precise temperature control. Auto shut off after five seconds. Boil very fast. Very easy to clean that it will look brand new every time. Meets expectations for the price.
KitchenAid Induction Cooktop KICU569XSS, 36-Inch, 5-Element - All the same features and functions as the KICU569XBL model, but in stainless steel. Very easy to clean, no burn or mess as with the radiant top. Brings water to boil in 30 seconds. Speed of cooling is also much faster than any other cooking technology. More control and flexibility.
KitchenAid Cooktop KICU569XBL 36-Inch, 5-Element Induction - 5 elements with two bridge elements so you can cook with grills, griddles and roasting pans. Performance Boost, simmer, melt and hold and pan size detection on all elements. Touch-activated cooktop controls with power slider. Twelve heat-level settings with cooktop power off function.

In a 36 inch induction cooktop there are 5 cook zones. That is one more cook zone than a 30 inch cook top. The good news is that the cooking zone does not get heated up until and unless you place a suitable utensil with a ferromagnetic base. The cooking zones are also of different sizes so that one can use pans and utensils of various sizes and shapes to cook one’s food.

This has yet another advantage. It also leads to reduction of energy loss to a minimal level. The third advantage of 5 cooking zones is that the heat up time period is reduced too. The wattage of 36 inch induction cook tops is generally between 50W and 1400W. There can be as many as 15 cooking settings in these cooktops.

The actual number depends on the brand and the model of the induction cooktop you are buying. There might be 10 or more power levels unlike induction cooktops of smaller sizes. The disadvantage of a 36 inch induction cooktop is that it leaves less space for anything else. That is not a problem though if you have ample of space in the kitchen.

Induction cooking is the next big thing for your house. The popularity of this clean and efficient technology is increasing exponentially.

A lot of people who do not want to get into hassles regarding gas lines are opting for induction cooking. The best part is that the cooking element does not get heated up at all. So you do not burn your fingers ever. It is also totally safe. So it is perfect for people with naughty kids. The target utensil gets heated so fast that is almost unbelievable. Induction cooking also happens to give you amazing control over the entire cooking process.

There is a range of controls on the cooker which makes induction cooktops really user friendly and versatile. You can do anything related to cooking with it.