Electrolux Induction Cooktop: Energy Efficient

High-quality Electrolux induction cooktops below:

Electrolux EW30CC55GB Cooktop, 30-Inch Hybrid - Combination of electric elements that are compatible with any cookware and newer induction technology for fast and efficient cooking. With ceramic smoothtop glass surface, hot surface indicator lights, sealed spill control, and electronic touch controls. Weighs 54 pounds. Can be used over Electrolux single wall oven.
Electrolux EW30CC55GS 30-Inch Stainless Steel Hybrid Cooktop - Hybrid series with 2 induction and 2 radiant elements. More responsive with induction; adjust heat to a delicate simmer or bring to a quick boil (90 seconds with the 10-inch induction, offering up to 3,200 watts of power). Electronic touch control, blue LED display, and easy-to-clean cooktop surface.

Electrolux Induction CooktopInduction cooking is practically bringing about a revolution in the world of cooking. The basic idea of keeping the vessel with the food material on top of the source of heat energy has not changed. It keeps the essence of cooking; only the negative aspects like the scary flames, intolerable heat and incidental burns are subtracted from the equation.

Once you give induction cooking and feel that amazing control over the entire process of cooking and the comfort while cooking you will never go back to the messy gas ovens and electric heaters. One can do anything from boiling water to melting chocolate to cooking a stew using an induction cooking.

Electrolux has always been popular in the world of electrical products. The reliability and the innovative technology have always been legendary and extremely popular across the entire globe. The company has always been quick in catching up with trends. So it is not surprising that they have introduced a wide range of induction cooktops.

There are several features which set the Electrolux induction cooktops from the rest of the cooktops available in the market. The material used to make this induction cooktops are easy to clean compared to the rest of the induction cooktops.

Electrolux products are responsive and make every command of yours come true in a moment’s notice. The very fine temperature control gives you a lot of options and makes these products extremely versatile. The numerous power settings, cooking settings and launch settings are other factors that make Electrolux induction cooktops even more versatile.

The speed at which these induction cooktops generate heat energy also sets it apart from all the similar products. Electrolux induction cooktops have also been chosen as the Greenest Appliance of this year. So undoubtedly they are the most energy efficient cooktops available in the market.