Fagor Induction Cooktop: Powerful and Efficient

Pick from our choices of Fagor induction cooktops below:

Fagor Induction Cooktop 670040610, Eco-Friendly and Portable - 10 power sets ranging from 140 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The countertop burner also includes 9.5-inch grill skillet. Built-in count down digital timer up to 150 minutes. Durabl crystal glass panel and soft touch controls. Easy to clean. Auto shut off if no cookware is detected.
Fagor Countertop Induction Cooktop, 2-Piece Set - Compact 11-3/4-inch by 2-inch by 14-inch burner with 10-inch heating unit. Automatic shut off if no cookware is detected. Ten power settings to choose, from 300 to 1600 watts. Built-in count down timer, up to 150 minutes. High quality cast aluminum heats quickly and evenly.
Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop 670041470 - Seven power levels for various cooking needs: melt, warm, medium low, medium high, boil, sear, and stir fry. Two quick-launch buttons: boil and warm. Easy to clean with high quality and durable schott ceran glass surface. Child safety lock. Operational guide, instructional DVD and recipe cards.

Fagor Induction CooktopIf you belong to the rare species who are still using their gas ovens gather the courage and make the transition to induction cooking. This technology is really the technology of the future.

It is clean and energy efficient at the same time. Get rid of those huge and gaudy gas ovens and electric heaters and settle for the sleek and subtle induction cooktops. Life at the kitchen will definitely become a breeze after getting introduced to induction cooking. You will be able to forget about cleaning the greases and the grates. All can be done conveniently. You will enjoy 90 percent of energy utilization, compared to 50 percent when using other cooking methods. That’s why you feel intolerable heat when using gas stoves.

If you have decided to buy an induction cooktop then welcome to the amazing and luxurious world of induction cooking. If you are wondering about which induction cooktop brand you should opt for then stop.

Fagor Inc. has the most astonishing and wonderful range of induction cooktops for you. The range is unimaginably wide and you are bound to find that particular induction cooktop with the perfect set of features, with the perfect look and the perfect price. You will most certainly be amazed by their products. So stop wondering and get ready to welcome a Fagor induction cooktop to enter your house and change your life.

The material which is used to make Fagor induction cooktops are scratch and stain free. Therefore they are remarkably easy to clean. They also happen to be among the most eco-friendly products of their category.

They use most of the heat energy produced. The cooking zones are absolutely self-adjusting and will detect the size of the utensil and heat the required area only. The range includes cooktops of three sizes, a 12-inch with two burners, and a 30-inch with four burners and a 36-inch which has five burners.