GE Induction Cooktop Series

A list of products in GE induction cooktop series with highest user ratings:

GE Profile PHP900DMBB 30 Inch Black Electric Cooktop - 11-inch induction element, 3700 watts on high setting, electronic touch controls, pan presence sensor and ADA compliant. Nineteen power levels available, choose the temperature level that is perfect for your meal. Prepare your perfect meal using the right temperature. Easy to use and clean.
GE Profile PHP960DMBB 36 Inch Black Electric Cooktop - If you're looking for 36-inch version of GE induction, then this is it. Comes in black, it has all the features available in 30-inch model. Precise temperature control. Auto shut off after five seconds. Boil very fast. Very easy to clean that it will look brand new every time. Meets expectations for the price.
GE Profile PHP900SMSS 30-Inch Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop - This cooktop includes four 11-inch induction elements, 3700 watts on high setting, and electronic touch controls. Comes in black, with 19 control settings and pan presence sensor. Heats very fast, easy to clean and also good looking. With energy saving features.
GE Profile PHP960SMSS 36-Inch Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop - Five 11-inch induction elements, electronic touch controls, 19 control settings and pan presence sensor. Uses 3700 watts on high settings, fast reaction, low heat settings for precise long simmering, energy efficient plus a timer. Overall: high performance cooktop.
GE Profile PP989DNBB 30-Inch Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop - Ceramic-glass cooktop with downdraft exhaust and ribbon heating elements. A bridge element for double burner griddles and grills. If you're looking for smooth cooktop with downdraft ventilation from major brand like General Electric, this is the only option you have.

The GE induction cooktop is technically not much different from what the appliances that the other brands offer, in terms of features. A copper coil is the source of generation of the electromagnetic field, which in turn induces energy in the material of the cooking pan. The bottom of the cooking ought to have some iron content in order to successfully get induced by the electromagnetic field that is created by the copper element.

GE Induction CooktopThis process of electromagnetic induction ensures the generation of a regulated temperature in the cooking pan and also keeps the temperature of the copper coil under control. GE induction cooktop ensures that the amount energy wasted during the cooking process is many times less than what is incurred by traditional gas-based cooking methods.

What differentiates the GE brand induction cooktop from the rest is the concomitant set of advantages that it offers alongside the technical aspects. GE brand, as usual, offers quality among other features: a faster rate of heating than most other surface cooking appliances, besides ensuring the safety standards of the user.

With further advancement in science and technology expected in the coming years, induction cooktop carrying GE brands can be expected to undergo a few more bouts of renovation and canny improvisation and emerge as a better product.

GE Appliances has been a shining star in the field of kitchen appliances for quite some time now. With an efficient management and an innovative think-thank, the company has augmented its stature by leaps and bounds ever since its modest inception.

Following the advent of induction cooking as a viable alternative over the traditional methods, GE sensed the zeitgeist quite well and plunged headlong into building a lofty name for itself in the induction cooking arena. That decision has thrown open to us a whole new range of products from one of the best kitchen appliance makers in the world.

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