Miele Induction Cooktop: High-End Appliances

These Miele induction cooktops get high ratings from existing users:

Miele KM5753 Induction Cooktop, 30-Inch Touch Control - This unit features basic as well as advanced features in any modern induction-based cooktop. Safety features include child safety lock, cut-out feature, overheating protection and residual heat indicator. Nine power levels with digital display. Timer settings freely assignable for all cooking zones.
Miele KM5773 36-Inch Induction Cooktop with 5 Cooking Zones - 5 heating elements and cooking zones: 2 single zones of 9 inches, 2 single zones of 6-6/16 inches, and 1 single zone of 11 inches. Auto cookware recognition and shut off. Booster function. Center control panel with sensor controls. 12 power levels with digital display. Child safety lock. Overheating protection.

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? Are you the proud owner of a new flat and you are wondering how to furnish your kitchen? Are you tired of the age old gas stove and want a fresh breath of air in your kitchen? If you are, then do not worry because the new kid on the block of cooking, induction cooking will satisfy all your needs.

The biggest advantage of induction cooking is the speed which it offers over gas stoves and electric heaters. This is made possible by generating heat by making the iron molecules in the base of the vessel vibrate. So heat is directly produced at the base of the utensil.

Miele Induction Cooktop

There are a lot of options these days when it comes to induction cooktops in the market. One is bound to be confused about which one to choose. Miele induction cooktops have the finest range of induction cooktops which will meet all your requirements.

Once you buy it you will never regret the decision. It is not for nothing that the popularity of Miele induction cooktops is increasing across the globe. These cooktops from Miele s are really easy to clean. One touch of a button will ensure that to prevent boiling over of pans.

The frames of the cooktops are made of stainless steel giving the cooktops sleek and lustrous looks. The décor is basalt grey and will most certainly suit everyone’s aesthetics. The glass screens and the ceramic fronts give the Miele induction cooktops a very elegant look.

These induction cooktops are extremely easy to use and energy efficient at the same time. The touch sensor controls are extremely easy and simple to use. They are even easier to clean and maintain. One can use utensils of varying size on the cooking zones offering a high degree of flexibility.