NuWave Induction Cooktop – Precise and Quick

Two most popular NuWave induction cooktop packages:

NuWave PIC with Grill Precision Induction Cooktop - Combining the love of grilled food and induction technology, NuWave PIC with grill has everything the cooktop has to offer. State of the art safety features. Cook at 52 different temperatures between 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit at 10-degrees increments.
NuWave PIC Review (Precision Induction Cooktop) - Comes with 52 temperature settings, ranging from 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Programmable stage cooking, up to 100 hours of program memory and performance. Six pre-programmed temperature settings. Great for boiling, frying, steaming, slow cooking and more.

NuWave brand is made popular mainly through television and the internet. You may have this the informercial on tv. Does it really effective and as good as advertised? There are pros and cons you should know about, as well as misinformation spreading around the web about the NuWave induction cooktop.

This portable cooktop with induction technology allows variable temperature settings, precise control of the temperature, and advanced safety features. It can quickly boils water in 90 seconds as well as cook food according to your taste. Simmer, deep-fry, stir-fry, saute, slow cook, barbecue, steam and sear, melt and grill. Everything is possible due to combination of versatile power settings, temperature controls and timer.

When it comes to clean up the mess, the process is an easy one step. Because no spills burn and stick to the cooking surface, it’s enough to wipe it off with a sponge or cloth. The cooktop also boasts energy efficiency of up to 90 percent compared to traditional electric or gas stove.

Scientific tests also revealed that oil cooked on gas and electric stove produce more saturated fat, cholesterol and trans fatty acid. This makes it even more compelling. Easy to take on the road, easy to use and clean, can cater to every cooking needs, and cook more healty food.

However during our fast research online, there seems to be mixed reviews of the products. A lot of buyers rave about the product, but some of them complain about customer service and features that don’t seem to meet expectations as seen in the infomercial.

Well, first off, let’s say we’re lucky enough. We never have to contact the customer service. The cooktop we received works flawlessly from day one. How could we not, through induction cooking, most people like the speed and versatility. Begin cooking on high temperature and afterward set it to the right temperature to avoid cook overs.

Some customers complained about high cost of shipping and handling. It depends on the retailer you get this from. Some online shops charge for less but make it up on the S&H. We bought from Amazon. They offer one the lowest rates compared to other online retailers and it came with free shipping (still do last time we checked).

Despite many negative feedback, NuWave induction cooktops still receive far more positive reviews from current users. It takes some time to get used to. Some heat may transfer from the cookware back to the unit over a longer cooking period. Some of the downsides are easy to get over. And if you can compromise a few other hitches, then it is still worth the money, especially if you consider its price relative to competitors’ brands.