Bosch 500 Series Induction Cooktop (30 Inches) with Touch Control

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Overview of Bosch 500 Series Induction Cooktop

Read the specifications about the product and there is no way the Bosch 500 Series induction cooktop won't have you open your mouth in awe of what an induction cooktop can do to you, your cooking dreams and to your kitchen. It can upgrade that basic cooking level you follow to such a sophisticated, intelligent and classy piece of cooking. Yeah, it has reached just another level of artificial intelligence.

Intended Users for This Product

For those cooking masters who like it perfect and without a degree of temperature deviation, this is something you have been waiting for to enter into the kitchen appliances market. A modern kitchen definitely demands a face lift with this touch controlled and innovative gadget. It's perfect for that lovely mom who has seen not so cooking friendly days with the cooking gas. Ideal for large dish numbers and party arrangements at home.

Major Features We Like Most

What we like about it could possibly include every feature it has mentioned. On its fast-heat mode it can boil water twice as fast as a conventional electric cooktop would do, thus saving time and energy. Imagine bringing a pot of water to boil in one and a half minutes. It is possible thanks to the SpeedBoost feature, proprietary technology from Bosch Appliance.

Talking about this feature, the boost can work on two burners at a time. The Bosch 500 series is divided into 2 cooking zones vertically and the way they do it is really smart. It just makes sense. For instance, you may use the 9-inch burner for sauce and 11-inch zone for pasta. As they are across one another, both can use the Boost feature at once.

There are built in timers for each element. It also acts as a general kitchen timer. Works with electric and induction cooktops. It has stainless steel touch controls with direct cooking selection with a whopping 17 selections to choose from.

The intelligence controls are unending; prevents it from accidentally switching on; locks temperature settings once in use; checks that element is only activated, if suitable cookware is in position. The sensors are so wonderful they will not activate when other metal objects are placed on the element.

There are alarm systems that shut off cooktop in case of an overflow. Not only this, it automatically adjusts cooking element to the size of the pan bottom. The list is just unending.

Any Downsides?

There is nothing that can be said against this cooktop but for those who are money minded definitely you will think its heavy priced, but take a look at the ease it will offer after the large investment and the money issues will vaporize.

The Verdict

Worth the money? Let's be a little personal biased here and say it's a dream purchase. If you have preference towards Bosch brand, this model is one of the most reliable ones available in the market.

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