Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop (30 Inches) with SteelTouch Control and Autochef

Bosch 800 Series NET8054UC 30ö Black with Stainless Steel Trim, Electric Cooktop with SteelTouch Rating:
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Overview of Bosch 800 Series Electric Cooktop

The Bosch invention with a 4 burner induction cooktop is a wonder device for your kitchen. The stainless steel trim of this cooktop is electric and has touch controls. Its rightly called the AutoChef as there is very less work you need to do on your own most of it is done by this amazing piece of cooking appliance.

Who is This Product Most Suitable for?

This is that perfect cooking device every chef and a cooking enthusiast aim of owning. It's something that brings a huge relief to a home maker or your mother at home against the cooking gas methods. It can be that wonderful much talked about gift for a newly married to start off the kitchen with a bang.

Highlight of Most Sought-After Features

This has ultra fast-heat mode that allows water to boil twice as fast as would a conventional electric Cooktop. A great saver of time and energy. There are built in timers for each element and also those that can act as general-purpose kitchen timer. It helps maintain that exact frying temperature for perfect results and convenient, healthy, nutritional cooking. This is compatible with electric and induction cooktops.

It has stainless steel touch controls with direct 17 connection controls. It's so easy to clean as well. Prevents the cooktop from being accidentally switched on. It also auto locks temperature settings if in use and makes sure that element is only activated if suitable cookware is in position. It has great sensing abilities to sense whether it is cookware that is on the heating element or any other metal.

There are warnings signals, sound alarms and shut off cooktop in case of an overflow. Another feature of its innovative sensing technology is that it automatically adjusts cooking element to the size of the pan bottom. Apart from being easy to clean it is dishwasher safe.

Note: For a list of proprietary technology from Bosch, please refer to the page here.

Any Downsides?

Doesn't look like there should be anything we don't like about this, especially at this price.

Warranty and Verdict

Warranty is a yes from Bosch. We are not sure whether you will ever need to exercise this with such a well designed product.

Worth for money, with all the mind boggling features is definitely a yes.

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Bosch 800 Series NET8054UC 30ö Black with Stainless Steel Trim, Electric Cooktop with SteelTouch 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.
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