Bosch 800 Series Induction Cooktop (36 Inches) with SteelTouch Control and Autochef

Bosch NIT8665UC 36ö Black with Stainless Steel Trim Induction Cooktop with SteelTouch Control Rating:
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Bosch 800 Series Induction Cooktop Overview

This marvel cooktop by Bosch is indeed an autochef with all its intelligent and unique features. Bosch is a company ranked among the top list in Electronics and appliances making. The Bosch 800 Series induction cooktop, originally priced at more than $3000 is now being offered with a discount of more than $600 so for those waiting to grab a hand on this one it's a good opportunity. For the other few we can tell you why you need to follow the former lot.

Intended Users for This Kitchen Appliance

This unique piece of convenience and intelligent work by Bosch is made for those wonder cooks who love cooking with decimal precisions. For your mom who has been bearing tough times with the traditional cooking gas and cleaning issues, this is something that will be a wonder gift for her. It's a must for every household.

What We Like Most from the Features

We like everything it has to offer. It's 5 burners have an express-heat mode which can boil water twice as fast as a conventional electric Cooktop would do, saving your time and energy consumption both. At 4,400 watts, this cooktop is very powerful. It can boil water twice as fast as conventional electric cooktop.

There are built in timers for the cooking as well as those that can act as general kitchen timers. This beauty works equally well with electric and induction cooktops. The touch controls are made in stainless steel with direct cooking selection and what more, a whopping 17 selections to choose from.

The controls and sensors provided are better than most other induction cooktops; any case of accidental switching on is taken care of; temperature settings are auto locked once it's in use; it activates the heater only when a cookware is placed over it.

The sensors are so wonderful they will not activate when other metal objects are placed on the element. It even takes care of spills by shutting down automatically. Not only this, it automatically adjusts cooking element to the size of the pan bottom.

Minor Hitch Related to the Cooktop

You may not agree with the price factor and it will look like an affair for those with deep pockets only. But for the most important activity of your life i.e eating, this is not more a treat for your own convenience.

Warranty and Verdict

There is a warranty provided by Bosch. It's a new product and promises a lot more than others in its range.

Worth the money inspite the high price, because intelligent devices is the new route to take up.

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Bosch NIT8665UC 36ö Black with Stainless Steel Trim Induction Cooktop with SteelTouch Control 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.
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