Bosch NIT3065UC 300 30-Inch Electric Induction Cooktop (Black)

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Bosch NIT3065UC Overview

This cooktop by Bosch is a well designed, 30 inches wide compact, black color sleek induction cooktop. The Bosch NIT3065UC it is a classy technology oriented piece. It is elegant looking with the scratch proof glass giving off the good surface looks to it. It comes with 4 burner elements and customization button controls.

Who is This Product Designed for?

This is a fabulous piece for the mom at home to help her get rid of those traditional cooking tantrums. The issues with traditional cooking gas methods of cooking can be permanently done away with by switching to induction cooktops. It will find its place in any kitchen be specially welcomed in the kitchen of a cooking expert for it has all those controls and sensors cooks adore to work with.

Major Features We Absolutely Love

It has an 11 inches heating element and the power capacity is a staggering 3600 watts. It comes loaded with a countdown built-in timer one for each heating element. The timer can also be used as kitchen timer for those who like it auto monitored.

There is this heat booster mode (SpeedBoost) that helps you boil water twice as fast as would a conventional electric cooktop. This cooktop saves the cook a great deal of time and energy.

If you walk about the sensors they are just too meticulously designed keeping in mind the needs of a cooking lover. There is a pot sensor which auto adjusts to the size of the pot placed on the burner. There is a warming function as well keeping food warm or melting stuff like butter or chocolate with just the right temperature.

Things You Should be Aware of

Some things that might come your way for buying this is the high initial cost of the cooktop, and adding to it, the cost of purchasing special induction-compatible cookware. But if this is your first establishment of a kitchen there's no stepping back. For others it will be a bold decision to switch completely to induction cooking.

Warranty and Verdict

The site does not mention any warranty explicitly but a product priced at this rate should be having a warranty by the maker.

Taking into account its great features, good looks, innovative and convenience offering controls and automatic adjustments, this is a good buy especially for a new home with a new setup.

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