Duxtop 8300ST Sensor Touch Countertop Burner 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop

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Overview of Duxtop 8300ST

This sleek looking cooktop with great exteriors, amazing sensor technology and touch controlled has arrived thanks to Secura. It's a powerful 1800 watt cooktop very much portable in nature weighing at just around 9 pounds. Duxtop 8300ST looks great, black in color with a shining glass coat on it. There's ample space for a cookware of most sizes to fit on the surface of the burner. It comes with a single burner.

Intended Uses for This Product

It can serve you best as an alternative to your gas connection when it is unavailable or not delivering up to the mark. It is that cooktop you can carry around for an outdoor cooking session or a friend’s party to cook some delicacies.

A good way to start your association with this new technology of induction cooking that is very much set to conquer the traditional cooking stoves.

Ideal for small households or for those who travel but want an efficient way to cook.

Features Worth Highlighting

The cooktop is lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage. It can be used by anyone and is very user-friendly. At this price it gives you more than what you can wish with respect to the sensors in it.

It has a digital sensor touch control panel, a child Safety Lock system to ensure that your child is safe around this cooktop even when you are not around him. Its pan detection mechanism shuts off the cooktop if no pan is detected for more than 60 seconds.

There is a built-in count-down digital timer that can count up to 170 minutes. It allows you to switch between 10 temperature ranges from 140°F to 464°F. Compatible with most induction ready cookware such as cast aluminum enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron.

Minor Downsides as Reported by Current Customers

A bit of warning about the controls since they are on the face of the induction plate. Users very much needs to take care to avoid spills because if any of them gets into the smooth-top glass surface, it may be hard to shut off or adjust temperature / power using the touch pad.

For such sensor controlled and intelligently designed cooktops they key to a long lasting association is proper handling.

Another user complained about unacceptable loud buzz, but not many others users have the same issue.

Warranty and Verdict

There is no warranty mentioned with the website where it is for sale.

A cooktop like this is something you cannot let go especially if you want to experience the wonders of induction cooking.

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