Electrolux EW30CC55GB Cooktop, 30-Inch Hybrid

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Overview of Electrolux EW30CC55GB Cooktop

A product by Electrolux, this 30-inch electric cooktop comes in black. It has 4 burners that ensure faster cooking of multiple dishes at the same time. Two of them are induction elements. The other two are radiant elements. It is one of those electric cooktops that have hybrid functionality in it. The Electrolux EW30CC55GB cooktop weighs around 54 pounds.

Indended End Users for This Hybrid Cooktop

Ideal for a modern household to who wants to enjoy all the advantages offerd by induction cooking but still want to make the switch as painless as possible. Because it's a hybrid unit, it saves space without having to install two separate cooktops.

It’s good for homemakers and professional cooks too who either cook on a daily basis or just occasionally. The cooktop surface frees you from the dreads or cleaning up and getting messy.

Beneficial Features Everyone Should Know

It has extremely good temperature control which allows you to shoot up to the boiling point of water in merely 90 seconds. The cooktop has great heat dissipation that allows the bottom of the cookware to get heated and lets the cooktop be cooler.

It is energy efficient as all the power it draws is optimally absorbed into the vessel. One of the most costs saving feature here is the cookware compliance that allows even your stainless steel cookware to be used for cooking unlike most electric cooktops that need you to especially use only magnetic cookware, further adding to the cost of purchasing.

If you want to use the any of the two induction cooktops, you have to make sure the cookware is compatible though.

This Electrolux induction cooktop has touch sensors to sense the presence of pans.

The four cooking zones are as follow:

  • 6- to 9-Inch Dual Expandable Element - 1600W/3000W
  • 6-Inch Electric Element - 1200W
  • 10-Inch Induction Cooking Element - 2400W/3200W
  • 6-Inch Induction Cooking Element - 1200W/1500W

Drawback as Reported by Customers

A drawback of this touch sensors is that they always need to be kept dry and hence a little extra effort is required to keep them dry incase of spills.

There may be a few issues with the size of the cookware you use to cook as using a large vessel on the larger burner leaves less space for the small adjacent burner to hold another vessel so care has to be taken that you adjust the vessels to be of such a size that complement each other.

Warranty and Verdict

Electrolux does give a warranty on this product in case you find any shortcomings. With the added advantage of hybrid compliance of the cookware which is one reason most people were hesitant to go for electric cooktops and the warranty facility this is a good buy and worth the money.

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