Electrolux EW30CC55GS 30-Inch Stainless Steel Hybrid Cooktop

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Electrolux EW30CC55G 30-Inch Hybrid Cooktop

The product name says it all. It is a 4 burner hybrid cooktop along with ceramic glass. This is something new that is not present in electric cooktops. Released in 2008 by Electrolux in black and stainless steel, the Electrolux EW30CC55G weighs around 63 pounds during shipping and has exceptional qualities with heat. The dimensions are 21 x 30 x 6 inches.

Intended End-Users Most Suitable for This

Suited for households who like doing a lot of cooking and those cooks who like precision. This 30-inch hybrid induction and radiant cooktop is a good purchase for gifting a home maker or someone entering a new household. For those who are ready into the new cooking technology but don't want to let go radiant stovetop completely, this is a perfect combination.

Advantages and Features We Like

One really beneficial factor here is that it is a hybrid cooktop which means you will not have to throw away with your stainless steel utensils and can continue to use them on this cooktop.

This is something that can flock a large number of buyers towards it who consider buying electric cooktops which support only magnetic cookware as a costly affair. Thus it makes up gradation of your kitchen easier with Electrolux.

This has 4 burners which mean 4 delicacies all at one time can be cooked and served. Two of them are induction elements and the other two are radiant elements.

The Electrolux induction cooktop has excellent heat control and claims to boil water in just 90 minutes as opposed to the traditional gas cooking. The ceramic factor allows heat to be most concentrated to the bottom base of the utensil thus keeping a cool wave in the other parts of the cookware.

Things to be Aware of

Just like most induction cooktops, cost here would be a factor but considering the number of features it provides the most amazing being the hybrid nature, the cost factor is sidelined.

It saves you form the compatibility issues and avoids the extra cost of magnetic cookware that is usually the case with electric cooktops.

One user reported the stainless border can be prone to scratches. It can be avoided by handling the pans carefully though.

Warranty and Verdict

There is no mention of warranty for the product as far as this seller goes. Nevertheless it is a reliable brand and it belongs to a range of cookware that has been subjected to rather stringent quality checks.

For a new household setting up a kitchen it's a good option to start off with a modern and sleek looking cookware. There is great usability and it offers good heating customization. Definitely worth it for a lifetime investment.

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Electrolux EW30CC55GSWave-Touch 30" Black Electric Hybrid Induction Cooktop 3.3 out of 5 based on 8 ratings.
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