Fagor Countertop Induction Cooktop, 2-Piece Set

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Fagor Countertop Induction Cooktop Overview

Fagor countertop induction cooktop consists of 2 pieces: a burner and induction-ready cast aluminum skillet set. It at a glance already looks sleek, well designed and sophisticated. For its current price, it is very affordable for anyone wanting to try out induction cooking technology.

Who is This Product Most Suited for?

For house wives and husbands who often face troubles with their gas connection this can serve as a reliable alternative.

Induction cooktops today are so designed that they focus on giving optimal results with low energy absorption rates too.

If you have a small apartment without a plan to get a stove, this provides a great option. Cook fast, easy to clean, with good features.

The single burner serves just right for bachelors staying away from home and need a few minutes to cook something edible with least hassles.

What to Like from This Portable Cooktop

This countertop induction burner is one compact cooktop which also comes equipped with a 10-inch induction heating unit.

It has an auto shut feature to shut it down when no cookware is detected. Its power settings range from 300 watts to 1600 watts. The single countertop induction burner has a built in count down time, which can count up to 150 minutes.

The make is of high quality cast aluminum which does the function of quickly and evenly distributing heat preventing hot spots. The makers claim it is guaranteed to never warp thanks to its single piece casting process and extra thick base.

With a weight of 10 pounds it is easy to change its place to wherever you feel like setting up your cooking base. There are no possibilities of hazards due to fire or flames with the induction cooktop. It is extremely safe.

The temperature control needs to be taken care of and not violated since a cooktop whose power goes as high as 1600 watts should not be tested for its limits but used judiciously.

Finally refer to the official site of Fagor America for recipes.

Any Downsides?

Unlike the other model, this Fagor induction cooktop has been rated relatively high. Most customers are satisfied with the purchase. Some complained about poor temperature control. Others don't think this is a problem though so it's likely subjective depends on usage.

Please check first before you decide to ensure it meets your requirements well.

The Verdict

Amazon does not provide any warranty explicitly. This product is high-rated and very affordable for an cooktop with induction technology. For a start into induction cooking this is one great choice to make. It has good sensor features and is self driven. Makes a good deal for a buyer.

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