Fagor Induction Cooktop 670040610, Eco-Friendly and Portable

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Overview of Fagor Induction Cooktop 670040610

This item can be called the brand ambassador of all portable induction cooktops. With a single heating element, the Fagor induction cooktop 670040610 is a simple, energy efficient and mostly a convenient option for cooking. The little piece also comes with superb technological innovations gone behind its construction.

Who is This Product Designed for?

Best for those bachelors who cook only for the need of it and hate the job of cleaning up. Good for a homemaker who likes a technology driven way of cooking.

It can also serve as an alternative when gas cooking is not available or cannot be ported to another place. But considering its features it suits as cooking equipment whenever there is an electrical outlet.

Great portability and lightweight construction, making it suitable for college dorm use, boat and recreational purposes.

Features Worth Noted from This Cooktop

It's sleek, portable, very light weighted and easy to handle. It can be used outdoors or indoors with equal ease. Don't go by the size, it has many features that multiple heating element cooktops have.

There are timers; the sensors are such that the cooktop will not generate heat until a pan is sensed on top of it. Thus, this is one of the most energy efficient cooktops.

Easy to cleanup like most induction cooktops. There are digital soft touch precision controls and the glass surface is heat resistant and fast cooling.

The display panel provides a chart that relates cooking levels to temperature and to standard cooking functions. A quick glance is all you need to read the panel.

Drawbacks as Reported by Existing Users

One only drawback that can be seen here that it has only one cooking element. The unit is portable so it is expected, but it could be quite limiting if you use it as an everyday cooker.

Considering its wonderful features, a single heating element will always look less. But no doubt this can be called a small wonder. One thing to keep in mind while using this cooktop is that it is built for North American electrical standards only.

If you plan to take it occasionally during vacation on boat, in a college dorm or small apartment, then it serves its purpose very well.

Warranty and Verdict

There is no explicit mention of warranty here but this is a trustworthy product well priced and delivers to the maximum. Considering the large number of buyers there should be a warranty feature.

It's more than worth the money. If you want to enjoy the innovation in cooking is, then consider paying attention to more details about this cooktop.

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