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Overview of Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop 670041470

Fagor America has come up with its portable induction with basic looks, has a compact structure and is very portable. The Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop 670041470 suits the modern requirements of cooking and will go a long way to display the wonders of induction cooking. There are 7 power levels for a wide variety of cooking functions and 2 quick launch buttons for boiling and warming at a touch of a button.

Intended End-Users for This Product

This is a perfect cooktop to own as an alternative to tedious gas cooking. Not just as an alternative, but with its superb features, as a permanent replacement for your traditional stove.

Every bachelor who hates cooking will start changing his outlook towards cooking once he uses this cooktop. That convenient option to carry with you to move your cooking area without any worries. It will increase the life in your outdoor parties and cooking will never be a boring activity anymore.

What We Like Most That You Should Know about

We like it for its shape and looks and needless to say its superb functionality. It is extremely customizable with temperature settings that range from 140 degrees F to 430 degrees F and has a power capacity of 1800 watts.

The power levels can be broken down into 7 different levels settings that are related to various cooking functions. You can melt, warm, simmer, boil, sear, stir fry and do everything that cooking has ever been. It gives a new dimension to your kitchen as well as to your eating habits, not to forget to your outlooks towards induction cooking too.

The cooktop is very durable, long lasting, easy to clean with a high quality schott ceran glass surface. It includes a child safety lock that leaves your child safe to move around every where including the cooking area.

To make operations more simple it includes 2 Quick Launch buttons, "boil" and "warm", which take the unit directly to either desired power level, so all that basic cooking functionality is at the mercy of just 2 buttons.

It's safe to use and includes a quick operational guide, instructional dvd and recipe cards for the ease of a first time user.

It may be a little over priced considering many other cooktops with similar features have lower price tags. But for a company that's a world leader in induction cooking definitely it does something better than the others and hence the price.

Downsides as Reported by Existing Users

There are mixed reviews about this cooktop at the moment varying from some minor hiccups to those who claimed the unit didn't work at all. Others found it refused to work after 8 months or the control didn't work for one reason or another.

Customer experience clearly is different from one individual to another. This product may not have the best rating out there, but there are some users who rated this 5 out of 5 stars. In other words, you be the judge.

Fagor is a reputable brand but we haven't used the product for a prolonged amount of time to know how it works in the long run. However, initial usage shows that the Fagor induction cooktop meets all its promised features.

Warranty and Verdict

No warranty is mentioned on the website. The features are great. Design is sleek. We suggest you read comments from other customers before you buy. Make sure it suits your need.

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