GE Profile PHP900DMBB 30 Inch Black Electric Cooktop

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Overview of GE Profile PHP900DMBB 30 Inch

Best PickHere we are reviewing a GE Profile PHP900DMBB 30-inch induction cooktop which gives your kitchen the fabulous modern and niche look unlike those traditional gas cooking ranges. It is sleek, compact and can be placed almost anywhere. It has the provision to simultaneously cook 4 dishes.

Intended Users for This Cooktop

Take it outdoors or keep it confined to your kitchen, it will take its place anywhere with much ease. Perfect for a homemaker relieving her from the troubles of cleaning a messed up cooking range or monitoring the heat levels manually.

It's a good buy for those single people too who have no option than to cook a fast n easy meal for themselves without much painstaking and time grabbing. This unit fits into any modern kitchen designs.

Features and Advantages You Should Know about

The product comes with sophisticated pan and size sensors, electric touch controllers, 19 controls for monitoring that heat level ideal for different dishes. What more it even adheres to the ADA compliance.

It comes with 4 11-inch elements, 19 control settings, and electronic touch controls. Digital buttons replace the traditional knob controls. Say good bye to messy knobs, now they are easy to use and clean. Not to mention the precision you get with digital control.

A user has been using the cooktop for 5 years and still thinks it is one of the best purchases he's ever made. Thanks to the easy to clean glass top, it still looks sleek after those years. That truly says something.

Any Downsides?

The product could be said as a bit expensive considering that you need to make a heavy initial investment in setting up the electrical compatibility for the cooktop and buying induction supportive utensils, nevertheless if you are not looking at things in the long term then only these costs would look like a burden. Some induction pans do make noise but that's something patent to working in a kitchen and it gives a feel that something is actually cooking.


The cooktop is fantastic, fast selling but there is no warranty coverage from the dealer. Considering the high price this is something that if included would boost sales further.

The Verdict

Again the question of whether it's worth the money is defined by the needs of a buyer. Someone who loves cooking, who believes in a modern kitchen and wants to give up traditional cumbersome cooking conditions, this would be a great switch.

But if you're not looking at a long term association with this product then GE Profile PHP900DMBB could seem a not so wise venture. Worth for money holds true for one who will make optimal use of the advanced features out here.

Enjoy super fast cooking. Click here to get more details and check the latest pricing.

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