GE Profile PHP960DMBB 36 Inch Black Electric Cooktop

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Overview of GE Profile PHP960DMBB

Best PickThe GE Profile PHP960DMBB 36-inch induction cooktop under discussion here has 5 heating elements enabling you to cook from starters to the main course all in one go. It's a black 36 inches induction cooking top. With an 11 inches induction element it can go upto 3700 watts on heating.

Intended End-Users for This Cooktop

With its 5 heating provisions, amazing control and customization options it's a fine piece of great usage to those people obsessed with cooking and like to have this as a dedicated activity. For a large family that needs the cook to obey the demands for different dishes for different people this is a good choice and a great time saver.

Highlight of Major Features and Advantages

The 5 heating elements are a great time saver apart from being energy efficient too. The touch controllers eliminate the traditional turning knobs for heat adjustment. You can range your heat level to alarmingly high temperatures within minutes and contrast it to give low simmer temperatures as well.

This is the range of operation of such a brilliant device. People who use this will seldom want to switch back to the gas ways of cooking because of its ease of operation, its heat customization options, its portability and the less effort it needs to be cleaned up. Moreover who wouldn't want their kitchen to look like the one in a 5 star restaurant?

Besides efficient cooking, General Electric claims this model to include the most powerful element available. If you are among people who love cooking but dread the cleaning task (who aren't?), look no further. The flat and smooth surface looks very sleek, and easily clean. Just wipe anything off of it.

Out of a dozen customers who leave ratings, as of this review, they gave this cooktop average 4.8 out of 5 stars. That should say a lot about quality and satisfaction.

What Else to be Aware of?

Most people would look at the features and then look at the price. If you go that way it wouldn't look much as you will already have been mesmerized with the amazing things it has to offer. But if you got the other way round maybe the price is an issue. Amazon has tried to bring it down by a few hundred dollars in order to bring within the reach of more buyers.

There is no mention of warranty by the seller but looking at the purchaser reviews looks like this was never much of an issue with most.

The Verdict

Quoting again looking at the features and deciding, evaluating your needs against your budget extension are important factors to decide whether this is something you should go for or not.

If you are a lone cook who cooks only for the need of food without much enjoyment of maybe you can see your options further, but if you are a cooking enthusiast and like to follow technique or you are a large family who loves variety then no thinking twice.

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