GE Profile PHP960SMSS 36-Inch Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop

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Overview of GE Profile PHP960SMSS

This particular stainless steel cooktop that we have here is a great kitchen accessory from General Electric. GE Profile PHP960SMSS comes as a black rectangular induction cooktop 36 inches in size with multiple sensors. The 60 pound weighing cooktop is a classy piece with 5 heating elements.

Who is This Product Most Suited for

Most suitable for larger families that enjoy lavish and wide variety of dishes for every meal. Best for that homemaker who loves a well organized and sophisticated kitchen with less troubles of maintenance. Ideal gift for a newly married couple ready to settle down subject to the fact that the giver has deep pockets.

Features and Advantages

Discussing what we like here there are innumerable points viz. the sensors for pan sensing, the 5 elements to position your cooking utensils, the 19 heat control touch knobs.

A new and improved feature that you would not see in electric cooktops of similar range is the timer feature that helps a great deal in controlled cooking. Obviously it is more heat efficient than gas cooking.

This cooktop is extremely powerful. You can boil water, make pasta and meat stock in an instant. Reaction is instant, once you touch the control panel, it reacts to the new setting you choose.

Want to simmer instead of fast cooking? No problem. Low heat settings are available. And while cooking, not much heat is dissipated into the kitchen because of its energy efficiency.

Minor Downsides You Should Know about

Price-wise it is a little on the expensive side considering the fact that it's priced higher than similar cooktops in its range. Like most cooktops this also requires you to have dedicated magnetic supportive cookware thus rendering your older ones useless or diminishing their use for merely storage purpose.

Just like its price, its weight too is heavier than other similar cooktops in its range. But this is not something you will want to shift again and again so weight is not a bothering factor.

Guarantee and Verdict

The seller has not provided for any explicit guarantee whatsoever for the product.

Is it worth the money? A complicated question with no direct answer because it depends on your needs; whether the product is suitable enough for your use, and whether your kitchen is a new startup or an up gradation.

If it's a new startup then you can easily go for magnetic supportive cookware that will work fine with your electric cooktop, but if it's not then you will have to replace your existing steel made cookware with induction supporting cookware and this could well add up to your costs. So think wisely and make the choice based on priorities.

No doubt this is a life long lasting option.

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