KitchenAid Cooktop KICU569XBL 36-Inch, 5-Element Induction

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KitchenAid Cooktop KICU569XBL Overview

This cooktop, a product of KitchenAid has 5 heat elements and comes in a compact size of 36 inches. KitchenAid has given it a black shade and a good finishing touch. The glass top is a sparkling one and stands out wherever it is kept.

Who is This Cooktop Designed for?

Most suitable for larger families that enjoy lavish and wide variety of dishes for every meal. Best for that homemaker who loves a well organized and sophisticated kitchen with less troubles of maintenance. Ideal gift for a newly married couple ready to settle down subject to the fact that the giver has deep pockets.

Major Features Worth Noted

There are some good features on display here. This induction cooktop includes 5 elements. One of them is 12-inch / 9-inch 4,800 or 2,500-watt dual zone element, producing 34.5K / 18K BTU. Four of them are 7-inch 2,500-watt (18K BTU) elements.

The bridge element combines two 7 inches elements, giving you the liberties to cook with griddles, grills, or roasting pans and eat away to glory, organize barbeque parties and call over friends for some fun time.

This has a unique performance boost function allows the temperature to crossover the maximum setting to quickly achieve a rapid boil.

Its touch activated controls blend easily into the surface and include a slider for heat-level selection. It has something that many cooktops don't have; melt and hold function that lets you set an element to low cooking power to melt and hold delicate ingredients without burning.

You can treat yourself to some melted chocolate, butter and others of this like.

Another rare and good function is the simmer mode that automatically selects a low power level to help maintain a constant simmer for that controlled cooking.

Concerns Existing Users Have about This Product

Something that may be a concern here is that there are similar products by KitchenAid and selecting the same featured products from the same maker but at different prices creates confusion for buyers.

Don't be. The BL and SS letter codes at the back of the model determine the colors. BL stands for black and SS for stainless steel. Just pick the one you want. Obviously stainless steel is more pricey but more elegant, easy to use and other features usually come with stainless steel.

Guarantee and Verdict

The KICU569XBL has different warranty for the first year and second to five years. All are limited. Please consult the warranty document (PDF) to learn more.

If you are a fan of KitchenAid brand, this cooktop offers advanced features available in an induction cooktop.

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