KitchenAid Induction Cooktop KICU569XSS, 36-Inch, 5-Element

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Overview of KitchenAid Induction Cooktop KICU569XSS

This 5 burner black and stainless steel beauty by KitcheAid speaks about the innovation happening in Induction cooking today. It is sleek, compact, classy, and will definitely improve the looks of your kitchen. The 36-inch induction cooktop has not been too long since the product has been launched and is gaining popularity among the crowd.

Who is This Product Designed for?

This unique piece of convenience and intelligent work from KitchenAid is made for those wonder cooks who love cooking with decimal precisions. For your mom who has been bearing tough times with the traditional cooking gas and cleaning issues, this is something that will be a wonder gift for her. It's a must for every household.

Features We Like Most from the Cooktop

This induction cooktop has some features we are in love with. The unit consists of 5 elements, of which one of them is 12-inch/9-inch 4,800-/2,500-watt (34.K/18K BTU) dual zone element and four 7-inch 2,500-watt (18K BTU) elements.

Its bridge element combines two 7 inches elements, allowing you to cook with griddles, grills, or roasting pans and add more fun to those barbeque nights. This cooktop is certain to earn praises there.

Talking about technical stuff now, it showcases performance boost function which allows the temperature to exceed the maximum setting to quickly achieve a rapid boil. This is something not found in many cooktops.

The controls are touch-activated integrated seamlessly into the surface and include a slider for heat-level selection.

It has a unique melt and hold functionality that lets you set an element to low cooking power to melt and hold delicate ingredients without burning. This can be a great help to belt those mouth watering chocolates, butter and the like.

There is explicitly a simmer function to help you automatically selects a low power level to help maintain a constant simmer.

Minor Hiccups as Reported by Other Users

You will find no issues with the design other than the fact that it allows you to use pots that not very small as it cannot detect too small cookware. So if you have to heat up a little quantity of something you still need to use a large pot. Nevertheless it is ok until and unless the cooktop is working fine and doing its job.

Warranty and Verdict

This product has different terms of warranty for the first year and second through fifth year. Check the warranty document for more information.

Stainless steel model is a bit higher in price than the black model, but that is to be expected. Looking at the features, user comments and considering the brand, this is a good buy for those who are looking to switch or replace their induction cooktop.

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