LG LCE30845 Induction Cooktop, 30-Inch

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Overview of LG LCE30845 Induction Cooktop

This LG LCE30845 induction cooktop features 4 burners. It is a 30 inches sleek black piece ready to make your kitchen a dream place for cooking. Now you can have the experience of cooking with a cooktop no less than a gadget destined to make your life more convenient.

Who is This Cooktop Most Suited for?

This 30-inch induction cooktop is a great appliance for that lady or guy in the home who you want to bother less with the cleaning and maintenance job of your cooktop. It's a more than a decent choice to gift one to someone who thinks cooking is life for them.

It's a well equipped device for every modern household. A perfect cooking switch to avoid the issues with your gas connection.

Feature List and Advantages

This LG induction cooktop got 4 burners, one large 10-inch at the right rear, one small 6-inch at the right front, two standard 7-inch at the left side.

The bridge is 100% induction, allowing you to heat longer pans and griddles evently. This feature is great for making panckes and French toast, among others.

The controls are touch monitored and as smooth as water surface. It has a trim made of premium stainless steel to give it that edgy look. The cooking top is made of ceramic glass and is extremely heat sensitive to reduce or increase to desired temperatures. It can be categorized under those great performing induction cooktops.

In this era, everything needs to be fast and instant. This cooktop is able to heats up a cup of water very quickly, faster than electric range and even microwave.

Downsides as Explained by Other Users

The touch controls though are a little too sensitive to dampness and need you to keep away all damp material away from it. Besides this the product should not bother you for anything.

Only one user complained about this though. A quick adjustment in cooking behavior will rid of this problem forever, if it exists at all.

The Warrancy and Verdict

The warranty has a period of 1 year for the induction cooktop but the glass is covered for 5 years. LG is a world known brand which has made name from good products, quality and standards and innovation

Although there are similar featured induction cooktops with lesser price than this one, one could go for this for the brand name and service of LG. The features are good enough to give you a satisfactory experience. Every time you cook, you ought to thank LG for making life simple!

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