Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

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Overview of Max Burton 6200

Athena has come up with a good looking efficient high powered Max Burton 6200 Deluxe induction cooktop with power up to 1800 watts. Priced very reasonably. Equipped with compatibility with different cookware and a bunch of sensors and detectors, this is a good one to choose from the market of induction single burner options.

Intended Users for This Portable Cooktop

A good choice to own if you cook rarely and considers it to be a rather clumsy activity to fight with pans and pots over a fire. This cooktop will definitely change your views about cooking. This Max Burton induction cooktop can be also used as an alternative option in places where your gas connection gives problems at times. Best for outdoor activities as it is quite light weight and portable.

What We Like Most from It

We like the Max Burton Deluxe 6200 Induction Cooktop with its 10 variable temperature settings from 140 to 450°F. It allows you to range within 10 power levels from 500 to 1800 watts.

As it is using the induction technology, it heats up way faster than a range. The fan is no where near as loud as other portable models.

The cooktop comes with a 180 minute timer to keep track of your dish while you are away doing something else, thus allowing multi-tasking. With auto shut off feature the cooktop will shut down on its own when time has expired. Instant shut down with a touch or when the cookware (pan or pot) is lifted.

The makers have also taken care to include some additional safety features such as an in line fuse, overheat sensor, unsuitable cookware detector. This has a user friendly digital display.

And when it's time to clean up, there's nothing more to do than just wiping it off.

Minor Downsides as Reported by Other Users

The press knobs are a little tedious to press making it a little unfriendly to operate and a few buyers may complain of low heating ability. But again the product is good and has satisfied numerous buyers so far. Meticulous use and careful maintenance is the key to keep a device working well for longer time period.

Warranty and Verdict

The website offers you to purchase the option to have a 3 years warranty for the product. It is also available in a gift wrapped option if asked for.

Priced at current price it is definitely a good buy with all its sensors and controls. At a good price it offers you many features that are characteristic of higher range induction cooktops.

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