Max Burton 6500 ProChef 1800-Watt Commercial Induction Cooktop

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Overview of Max Burton 6500 ProChef

A high powered induction cooktop by Max Burton that displays power capacities of up to 1800 watts. The Max Burton 6500 ProChef is a good option for those who want to shift their cooking place very often. It's a sturdy piece that does not require delicate handling. Its power requirements are 20 amp - 120V AC.

Who is This Product Most Suited for?

Best suited for portable options and those bachelors who like it just need based as it has a single portable burner option. It can find place in an office pantry or a small unconventional alternate kitchen place. Also, it can serve as just the right kind of alternative for those times when your gas connection ditches.

Features and Advantages You Should be Aware of

What we like is that it has a sleek stainless steel body and is made of durable commercial-grade materials. It gives you seven multiple power levels between 500-1800W. You can customize between 10 temperature levels from 140 - 464 F degrees.

There is also a 170-Minute timer; touch screen controls and function lock safety. It cans sense different cookware as well as overheating, with its sensors. There is a different feature here compared to other induction cooktops i.e. the auto shut-off feature so all the forgetful cooks are spared some flames from their pans.

If you'd like to use this cooktop with traditional cookware, don't forget to include an induction interface disk. It's very handy if you want to use newer technology for cooking without costing too much for the switch.

Downsides as Reported by Existing Users

Some may complain that it never reaches the maximum value of 1800 watts but we don't buy a product to test its tolerance limits when we can very well serve our purpose with the optimal use of the product.

Warranty and Verdict

The website offers a purchase of 3 year warranty feature for this product. This is a good one to start off your association with induction cooking and experience it's amazing advantages over traditional cooking.

It is a good buy at the price, decent enough to get a taste of that new style of induction cooking. If your gas connection is not very reliable you can surely try this one out.

Check the latest pricing from mutliple vendors and read user comments here.

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