Miele KM5753 Induction Cooktop, 30-Inch Touch Control

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Miele KM5753 Induction Cooktop Overview

This product by Miele is one whole package with all those facilities that a dream cooktop should have. Miele have gone yards ahead of other induction cooktops with an unending list of features. Name everything that a safe, optimally performing, automated and self handled cooktop should have and the Miele KM5753 induction cooktop has it.

Intended End-Users for This Product

This is totally something that an exotic kitchen ought to flaunt. The best and most efficient cooking option for those who believe cooking is everything for them. It has so many amazing features that it can suit too well in a modern kitchen setting with all the necessary amenities in it for that even the most demanding level of cooking.

What We Really Like (and We Think You Should too)

What we like about this product is a nonstop list of features that go on and on. It has 4 heating elements and 4 different cooking zones to suit different cooking requirements.

Another technologically advanced feature of this is the automatic recognition of cookware. So the kind of cookware you are using is not your headache but that of your induction cooktop.

There are timer settings, stop and go function, a child safety lock, a booster function, a heat indicator and a lot more.

Talking about safety features, besides the lock, the 30-inch induction cooktop also takes care of overheating all by itself. The residual heat indicator protects you just by taking a glance.

It has a digital display and center control panels with comfort sensors. With this comes an optional Demeyere cookware set, a miele ceramic and stainless steel cleaner as well and a razor blade glass scraper. All this in one pack.

Anybody who views this product at a glance without taking a look at the range of features will definitely feel the pinch of the heavy price but the product is really a technological marvel and it also gives you added accessories like the cleaner, glass scraper and the best of them all, a cookware set.

Any Downsides as Reported by Users?

First of all, this Miele induction cooktop carries a relatively steep price but that is to be expected considering the reliable brand and long listing of basic as well as advanced features.

A user also complained that the unit stopped working after 5 years but as with anything, nothing lasts. Certainly it varies from one unit to another as with any kitchen appliance. Three other user reviews rated this product full 5 stars. That should say something about its quality and performance.

Warranty and Verdict

The website does not mention a guarantee explicitly. Although it must be coming with a warranty this kind of a product is definitely made not to falter.

If you wish to makeover the kitchen and load it with stylish and modern appliance, this is such a temptation and we think it's worth a buy. For such amazing products, there will always be a personal bias but remember the cost is definitely a onetime buy.

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