Miele KM5773 36-Inch Induction Cooktop with 5 Cooking Zones

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Overview of Miele KM5773 36-Inch Induction Cooktop

If a chef were to narrate his requirements for a super awesome induction cooktop with all those features that he imagines would transform the way cooking happens then this would be the outcome. Miele has raced ahead of all other induction cooktops with a list of features that simply does not end. Name it and Miele KM5773 likely has accounted for that feature.

Intended Users for This Cooker

This is exactly something that transforms your kitchen into a celebrity. Miele is a reputable brand and known for many kitchen related products. Through this unit, it offers efficient cooking option for those who believe that cooking is life.

The nature of this induction cooktop can even find itself a place in a luxury kitchen. No matter you cook occasionally or use it everyday, this product is made for you.

Features and Advantages Everyone Should Know about

This heavenly induction cooktop has 5 heating elements and 5 different cooking zones to suit different cooking requirements. Another technologically innovative feature this has is the automatic recognition of cookware.

There are timer settings, a child safety lock, stop and go function, a booster function, a heat indicator and a lot more. Overheating is an issue it deals with all by itself. It has a digital display and center control panels with comfort sensors.

With this cooktop arrives the optional Demeyere cookware set, a Miele ceramic and stainless steel cleaner as well and a razor blade glass scraper. Totally a loaded package; something that every customer wants to feel well treated with.

This looks like a heavy priced product but only a person who understands the features and can appreciate the value of them will realize its worth. The product is really a technological marvel and comes with accessories like the cleaner, glass scraper and the best of them all, a cookware set.

Price is Also Its Downside

The amount may be high but the deal is a good one and everything has a price. Carrying the brand Miele, and with so many basic as well as advanced features, no wonder it carries a higher price tag.

We are surprised to find a few users who rated this cooktop one star out of five. However, upon further investigation, we don't think the data is reliable as the are only total 5 people who leave comments. Let's see how it goes once it gathers more feedback so it's statistically more accurate.

The Verdict

The website does not mention a guarantee explicitly. Although it must be coming with a warranty, this kind of a product is not among those that will falter.

For those who rely on Miele, this could be a great investment for their kitchen makeover project.

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