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Overview of NuWave PIC

NuWave PIC introduces to you a rather pretty looking semi-spherical shaped induction cooktop that promises you take you to that extra level of precision that you may not get from any other induction cooktop. It's a cool looking, compact black color cooktop which has its controls on the front side along the panel.

Who is This Product Designed for?

This piece is ideal for anyone in the house to cook on it considering its safety due to the elimination of any flames whatsoever. It's that portable cook that allows you to keep changing your cooking spot without much trouble. It's an ideal alternative to traditional gas cooking and keeps you away from all traditional method shortfalls.

Features and Advantages of This Portable Cooktop

This cooktop offers you 6 different pre-programmed temperature settings and also renders the flexibility to cook at 52 different temperatures between 100°F and 575°F, adjustable in 10-degree increments.

One feature that is not to be seen in other induction cooktops is the fact that this cooktop is equipped with programmable stage cooking functionality with up to 100 hours of program memory and performance. Thus NuWave has achieved the limits of artificial intelligence in the cooking department.

Variety is the spice of life they say. This cooktop will offer you those varieties of boiling, simmering, deep-frying, stir-frying, steaming and searing, slow cooking, barbecue, melting and grilling. It encourages you experiment up to the limit with your cooking.

The energy saving capacities of this cooktop will also work wonders for your kitchen. It uses up to 70% less energy than conventional gas or electric ranges. The PIC boasts state-of-the-art safety features such as automatic shut-off when an induction-ready pan is not detected.

Comments from Existing Users

The cooktop is quite popular. You may have seen it in the informercials. A range of complaints from current users include the precision feature as well as customer service. Read for yourself before you buy.

Overall, many buyers are completely satisfied with this cooktop. Out of 124 ratings, as of this writing, this NuWave cooktop receives 3.6 out of 5 stars. A very good rating, we'd say.

The Verdict

During our NuWave PIC review, there is hardly anything you can say is not up to the mark about this product. It is something you need to definitely try and pamper yourself with. Though one not so happy news for those outside North America is that this product is manufactured for North American electrical standards and is intended for use in the United States and Canada.

At this price (see above for updated info) and with superb features this is a good deal to crack.

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