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Overview of NuWave PIC

Love grilled food? Is a nearby fast food joint your most frequent place to head for? Buy the Nuwave PIC cooktop with grill and you will not have to go elsewhere to feast on grilled food but your own kitchen. This is one of the most unique cooktop out of so many out there in the market. It gives you the functionality of induction cooking accompanied with grilling food too.

Intended Users for This Product

Best option for those foodies, who boil and warm food far less than they grill. A good alternative to traditional gas cooking. It can also act as that dedicated grilling cooktop for your kitchen. It's that cooktop that’s here to make your parties more fun.

Neat Features and Advantages

The PIC uses magnetic coils which generate heat directly in the cookware, which results in virtually no wasted energy and less wasted heat! Thus you save a great deal of energy which directly translates to lower electricity bills at the end of the month. Its cooking mechanism is fast and very precise in terms of temperature control.

The portable induction cooktop offers you 6 different pre-programmed temperature settings, but has the flexibility to cook at 52 different temperatures between 100°F and 575°F, which are well adjustable in 10-degrees increments.

A feature quite patent to Nuwave cooktops is the programmable stage cooking functionality with up to 100 hours of program memory and performance.

This can make your cooking so easy and beyond your imagination. The PIC has a delay feature too, which allows you to delay the start of your cooking time so your foods finish cooking exactly when you want them to.

The customization is really outspoken. It does everything you can imagine your dream cooktop to do for you. The PIC boasts state-of-the-art safety features such as automatic shut-off when an induction-ready pan is removed from base.

Now coming to the most striking feature; the Cast-Iron BBQ Grill. It is the star of this cooktop features and is made of high quality cast iron with porcelain enamel coating, which prevents food from sticking without any added fats or oils for healthy, low-fat cooking.

Summing up this is a fantastic single burner cooktop.

User Comments as Reported During This Write-up

Some might be skeptical about how the cooktop grill works and whether it will deliver but the faith in Nuwave does not disappoint. The cooktop itself, as reviewed before, works very well.

The Verdict

At this price (check the site below for the latest pricing and deals), combined with the features and grill, we think this is a good buy.

Check the latest pricing and grab this cooktop at the best deals at Amazon. Save 70% energy compared to gas or electric stove.

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