SPT Induction Cooktop 1300 Watts (Silver)

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Overview of SPT Induction Cooktop

This silver cooktop from SPT is one really affordable and convenient option for induction cooking. SPT induction cooktop is a 1300 watt powerful cooktop, which comes with sleek looks, compact structure and a touch sensitive led panel.

Intended Users for This Product

Its best suited for bachelors or small apartment owners who want cooking to take least amount of their free life. As it is portable, it is also ideal for individuals or families who travel but would like the luxury to cook meals.

It is a good option to act as an alternative when your cooking gas fails to deliver or as an extended cooking aid for your kitchen. A nice way to start off with this new induction cooking that is taking speed today.

Impressive Features You Should Know about

The cooktop has an impressive touch-sensitive LED panel with control lock system to avoid your settings from deviating away from desired temperatures.

It has dual functionality of cooking as well as warming up food much like a replacement for your microwave. For that tension free load and leave cooking where you load the cookware on the burner and leave it for a specified amount of time there is a timer which has a limit of 8 hours.

Like most top quality induction cooktops today, this also comes with an automatic pan detector which enables the cooktop only when a pan is detected on the burner. With 7 power settings and 13 keep warm settings this is extensively customizable.

A small one burner cooktop which has almost every feature that induction cooking can provide.

Experiences from Existing Customers

Much care needs to be taken to avoid any spill over on the induction surface as the controls can get damaged. This product claims to have power capacities up to 1300 watts but that is for us to use and found it if it can reach those levels.

A user reported when he first bought this cooktop, it boiled water in 2 minutes, now it does it in 5 minutes. A few buyers agree that the fan makes the cooktop quite noisy for their taste.

But overall, this cooktop from SPT still receives great ratings from its users.

Guarantee and Verdict

The seller website allows you to extend your warranty period for the product by paying a few extra dollars to cater to any discrepancies you may encounter if at all. At a good price like this one, it's a good product filled with superb features and promises good service.

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