Thermador CIT304KM Masterpiece Series, 30-Inch

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Overview of Thermador Masterpiece Series CIT304K

Thermador CIT304KM from the Masterpiece Series combines passion in cooking with technology. It provides 17 different power settings, PowerBoost technology, auto shut-off timer, Keep Warm function, pan recognition, Anti-Overflow system, Child Safety lock and more. Pick from different color and design: black with frameless design, black with stainless steel trim or silver mirrored finish, whatever suits your kitchen best.

Who is This Product Designed for?

Every household who needs a cooktop with powerful features, outstanding performance, quality, and great design should consider this. With six cooking levels and True Convection, it is easy to cook several dishes at the same time without worrying about flavor transfer.

Reduce cooking time by 50 percent with speed cooking and PowerBoost. Choose from different power settings, depends on your cooking needs.

Beneficial Points You Should Know about

The silver mirrored finish is very unique. It could fit into many modern kitchen design. You have more common choices like black and stainless steel if you prefer more conventional colors.

When it comes to performance, this brand of induction cooktop has Speed Heating, which basically heats 50 percent faster than traditional gas cooktops. The large and powerful 11-inch element draws and generates 3,600 watts of power. All elements are integrated with auto shut-off timer so user is free to set desired cooking times.

PowerBoost feature heats induction-ready cookware even faster if you want to put liquid to boil. Pan recognition will not turn the unit on if small objects are placed on top of the cooking zone.

No worry about dishes getting cold if not being consumed immediately. Just turn on the Keep Warm function to ensure they are ready to serve at all times.

A unique feature that we really like is the Anti-Overflow System, which basically anticipate spills by shutting off and sounding alarm automatically when liquids are detected on the cooking surface.

Digital control panel allows easy recognition at a glance if elements are hot or very hot. It also includes child safety lock.

Consideration and Verdict

If you are in need to makeover your kitchen, or want to switch over to modern cooking technology, there are many induction cooktop models to choose from. But what truly stands out from this Thermador induction cooktop is the design, color and features.

The black and stainless steel model are $500 less than the silver mirrored finish version. This is not the most affordable option out there for 30-inch induction cooktop but if you prefer this brand or like the reliability offered by it, then the CIT304K series is a great investment to make.

Model number: CIT304KBB (black), CIT304KB (stainless steel) and CIT304KM (silver mirrored finish).

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