Thermador Masterpiece Series CIT365KM

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Overview of Thermador Masterpiece Series CIT365K

Thermador Masterpiece Series CIT365KM is a 36-inch induction cooktop, offering 14 cooking modes, easy to use graphical displays, quality and design in one unit. It provides 17 different power settings, PowerBoost technology, auto shut-off timer, Keep Warm function, pan recognition, Anti-Overflow system, Child Safety lock and more. This model also comes with other colors such as: black with frameless design, black with stainless steel trim or silver mirrored finish.

Intended Users for This Induction Cooktop

Doing a kitchen makeover or moving to a new home? Anyone who spends a few hours a day in the kitchen should pamper themselves with luxury. Not only will this cooktop makes cooking fun again but also enhance interior decoration to match the surrounding.

Features and Advantages Everyone Should Know about

Silver mirrored finish is very unique among any cooktop. Having this in your kitchen surely becomes an attention. If you prefer, you can opt for the more common colors like black without frame or with stainless steel trim.

Talking about speed, this unit offers Speed Heating feature, claiming to be 50% faster than traditional gas cooktop. Then there is PowerBoost to accelerate even more, if you need it. Auto shut-off timer is available for every element so you can set desired cooking time.

If you cook at home, it is not uncommon that you prepare food some time before meal. This is when the Keep Warm function will come in handy. It keeps food ready to serve.

This Thermador induction cooktop includes a few safety features:

  • Child safety lock. When this lock is on, the only button that will function is on and off.
  • Pan recognition. Cooktop will turn on only if there’s cookware. If other small objects are placed on top of the cooking zone, the unit will refuse to function.
  • Two-step digital control panel shows at a glance if any of the element are hot or very hot.
  • Anti-overflow system, exclusive to Thermador, detects spills and automatically shuts off and at the same time sounds the alarm when liquids are detected on the cooking surface.

Consideration and Verdict

The Masterpiece Series include other kitchen appliance like combination oven, convection microwave and warming drawer. Whether you choose to pick each one separately or all together, this cooktop is surely going to upgrade the overal look and atmosphere of your kitchen.

Moreover, the advanced and safety features will turn cooking into fun experience, efficient, and precise, even when there are children around.

As with the other model, there’s a $500 difference between the black with frameles or with stainless steel trim and silver mirrored finish version. All of them have similar features. If the design and color suits your need, by all means, get it but if it’s not then black should fit in any kitchen very well.

Model number: CIT365KBB (black without frame), CIT365KB (black with stainless steel trim) and CIT365KM (silver mirrored finish).

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