Thermador Masterpiece Series CIT36XKB

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Overview of Thermador Masterpiece Series CIT36XKB

Thermador never ceases to amaze us with its technology and design. This time with the Thermador Masterpiece Series CIT36XKB, it offers the largest fully usable cooking surface in the market. At 36-inch, the unit has 48 induction elements which deliver more than 63 percent more cooking surface than any other brands.

Who is This Product Most Suited for?

For home owner, cooking enthusiast or professional who want cutting edge cooktop, this will deliver not only the features but also design to match any modern kitchen.The chiseled stainless steel frame looks very sleek. Add to that several advanced and safety features to complete it to perfection.

Highlight of the Features and Advantages

This induction cooktop offers the largest (13 inches by 21 inches) usable cooking zone on the market. That is about 63 percent larger than any brand with similar size.

Place any pots, pans and griddles, up to 4 at a time in any combination regardless of the shape and size. Move the pots and pans freely from one area to another while keeping all settings. Operational is easy thanks to the touch control panel.

Talking about performance, this model of Thermador induction cooktop outputs up to 4,600 watts of power. It lets you boil water faster, even compared to other induction cooktops and ranges.

The auto shut-off timer allows user to set different cookint times for each cookware. Separate kitchen timer is built-in.

Security features include clean lock, mainly used when cleaning spills to avoid altering any setting while in use. Child safety lock makes sure no one can change temperature and other settings even if controls are accidentally touched.

During installation, it is possible to install this cooktop on top of a single built-in oven. A minimum of one inch of air gap should be maintained to ensure enough space for air flow and to keep from overheating. The installation manual offers complete guidance on how to do it properly.

The Verdict

The price makes this unit not for everyone, but those who want to take induction cooking to the next level, Thermador offers something to look further and enjoy.

No reviews are available from existing users yet but the brand has been very reliable in our experience. If you enjoy cooking and spend some time every day in the kitchen, this cooktop can make your cooking routine much more fun, fast and secure.

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