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True Induction TI-2C Cooktop Dual Burner Review 2021

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2022)

Cooking no longer happens only in traditional ways. You can now save power and get faster results if you use the correct cookware. Induction cookware items are part of this revolutionary way of preparing meals.

The True Induction TI-2C Cooktop Dual Burner model is the result of years of experience. The company now offers you a portable version instead of one you must permanently install.

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Let’s look at other reasons this may be the item your cooking needs now.

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop Dual Burner Review

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient

True Induction offers many models but this one is designed to help people enjoy the flexibility of a portable unit. You can take this anywhere you need heat for cooking as it doesn’t require installation or particular power sources. As long as the source can handle 1,800W, you’ll be safe.

Here are more features you must take cognisance of before purchasing one.


Some general features make this unit exceptional. You’ll love how it makes cooking better and safer:

  • The burners will switch off when pans or pots are removed. This limits the probability of burns and it saves energy
  • Most home outlets can be used to power these models. You don’t need professional installations, which saves you money


Any unit in your kitchen must make tasks easier instead of harder. You’ll love how this dual burner assists:

  • It cleans easy thanks to a smooth ceramic top. All you need is to wipe it down with a damp cloth
  • The size is manageable. You can leave it on the countertop but it fits in most kitchen cupboards too. If you plan on only using it occasionally it’s ideal if you can store it away when not in use

Technical information and dimensions

If you want to know the detail of what you’re purchasing, here is a list of the most important features:

  • The unit is only 2.5” high. You can easily use it on a countertop below a cupboard if necessary
  • Its dimensions are 23”x 14”. This is small enough to transport anywhere or store in a cupboard
  • It weighs 11.2lb. Though it’s not light, most people will be able carry it over short distances
  • It uses 1,800W. This power is distributed between the two burners when both are in use

A feature that makes the True Induction TI-2C Cooktop Dual Burner exceptional is the power-sharing capabilities. Not many other True Induction products have this. If you need to cook two dishes at the same time the power will simply be split between the two burners. This makes for more energy efficient cooking because both burners won’t draw maximum power from your outlet.


  • Easy cleaning thanks to ceramic cover
  • Instant heat source
  • Affordable when compared to permanently installed units
  • Double burner feature helps you prepare two dishes at once
  • Safe cooking method
  • Portable unit makes it practical for using in many scenarios such as camping
  • Energy efficient
  • Automatically shuts down when cookware is removed. This is for safety and energy saving
  • Cooktop can’t become hotter than the maximum heat setting indicated


  • The glass covering can crack easily
  • Some concerns about long term durability
  • Temperature controls tend to fail or be inaccurate. You only have a few temperature options which makes it impractical for certain cooking activities
  • When you use both burners, their temperatures tend to drop. The unit can’t handle warming both to maximum temperatures
  • Burners are quite small. Large pans don’t heat well
  • You can’t use all your usual pots on this stove
  • No ventilation feature or fan. This is required to ensure fumes and smells don’t affect those who are cooking


Where else can an induction cooktop benefit your lifestyle? It’s worth trying one out because you’ll save time, energy and money. The True Induction TI-2C Cooktop Dual Burner doesn’t even require installation. Try one out today while you decide which part of your life will benefit most from using one. If you are looking for a single burner True Induction Portable Induction Cooktop, this one may be the right for you.

What’s so exceptional about induction cooking?

Is it worth trying a new way of cooking? With induction, you’ll be wise to attempt it. Induction cooking has various benefits for your family and the environment:

  • Induction cooking saves energy because of the unique way heat is generated. Heat is transferred directly to the cookware and less energy is lost
  • Induction cooking is safe because there’s less chance of someone getting burned. The surfaces heat up but not as much as other stove tops. The real heat is only generated—and transferred—in the magnetic reaction between the cooktops and where the cookware touch them
  • Since heat is generated in the presence of cookware, you don’t have to wait for an induction burner to heat up; your cooking can start directly

What pots can you use?

As mentioned above the generated heat of an induction burner is dependent on an electromagnetic reaction. Not all your current cookware may have this effect on your induction burner.

If you want to know whether your cookware will work, simply bring a magnet near the bottom of the pot or pan. If the magnet sticks to the cookware, it will more than likely work on your induction cooktop.

Most induction stove manufacturers sell cookware you can use for more effective cooking.

Practical uses of induction cooking

The benefits of induction cooktops make them practical for use outside the home kitchen. Think about placing one in these scenarios:

  • You can take one on camping trips. The low energy usage makes it more practical than electric coil stoves. It’s also safer than using gas burners
  • Portable cooktops come in many sizes. One with one burner is usually small enough to use in an office where kitchen space is limited
  • A portable induction cooktop can easily be moved around the house where heat is required. You can move it outside when you have guests or heat water where someone is sick in bed. It won’t create any hazardous situations

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